How to make your own Karaoke track for singing practice.

Singing along with the artist is a great way to learn the song but you should be working towards singing all by yourself. Here are some quick steps to make your own karaoke tracks at home… for FREE!

When we think about Karaoke we start to think about lyrics across a screen and shitty tin can music, however with my quick and easy steps you can create your own karaoke tracks for free. 

DISCLAIMER: This is merely for your own practice and guidance in your singing. Of course for performances and public showings of your music you must act in accordance with copyright law. The artists worked hard to get where they are, and they deserve payment for their work. 


Get your hands on a track of the song.

There are many ways in which you can obtain the track to your song. Obviously I highly recommend that you purchase the track via iTunes or another online retailer. They cost around 90c per track so this isn’t going to break the bank. 

You could however use the YouTube link and then an online downloader, which you can access here


You can now take your downloaded track and remove the vocals using vocal remover.org.

Now I didn’t say that the track was going to be ready for your recording or good enough for a performance. But this way you can take ANY song that you find on YouTube and turn it into a practice track for your singing practice and / or lessons. 


Make the song your own by using vocal remover.org to change the speed and key of your song. 

It is so important that you change your song to suit your needs. If it is too high then change the key till you feel comfortable. It is a practice track not a torture 3 min. Once you feel like you have a handle on the music without the singer then you can go ahead and ramp it up to the original speed and key. 


Fiverr is a great service platform where you can get your sheet music played super easy and cheap!

Ok this one isn’t necessarily for free but the fact is you sometimes aren’t going to get the find a track that you can use. Sometimes the repertoire is just that difficult or unknown that you need to get someone to record it personally for you. Not everything can be free If you don’t have the option to work with your usual, or it is just out of your budget at the moment then think about hiring a freelancer on Fiverr


If you want some help with your singing be it to a karaoke track or with live musicians I am here to help. Let’s get those vocals in shape! Book in to discuss your goals today. 

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