Private 1-1 Singing Lessons – Online and Live.

Online Singing Lessons

Never worry about missing a lesson.
Online singing lessons to suit your schedule.

Live Singing Lessons

Taking place in Peißenberg, Bavaria.
Learn in the comfort of my Home Studio.


Feedback From Happy Singers

“Zoe has a great way to explain everything and gives great, easy pointers that make sense and therefore stick in your head. Thanks so much!”
Svenja Grundl
Singing Student
“(My Daughter) was happy and learned to control her voice better, but it gave her more security when speaking and somehow boost her self esteem. 😊 And it was so much fun!!”
Patricia Zenteno
Parent of Student
“Zoe is really able to understand what you want to communicate when you sing and helps you through all the difficulties that you could face.”
Valentina Sarti
Singing Student
“Zoe was able to relieve me of my fear of belting right from the start and, thanks to her extensive knowledge of the voice and her very precise ear”
Doro Velten
Professional Opera Singer

What will I learn in a singing lesson?

Are you frustrated with your voice?

Are you new to singing and have no idea where to begin? Or have you had lessons before and you didn’t feel like you got anywhere? Want to feel security and confidence in your voice, with real results that you can record and share with others?

Then I am the perfect teacher for you.

  • Get a solid plan for practice.
  • Song guidance and training material.
  • Learn about anatomy and how to work at home.
  • Sing any song you want to sing – we will fit it to you.
  • No endless warm-ups, or scales. We sing songs from day 1.
  • No gatekeeping repertoire – being told you “aren’t good enough yet”
  • Join in performances – at any level!
  • 100% no judgment space.
  • 6 weeks to trial working together.
Live singing lessons.

What happens before we start?

We begin with a discovery call. When you click on the link, you will be able to book in for a time for us to meet, and you can also write about your goals and what you hope to get out of your singing lessons. This is a call designed for us to break the ice, and for me to get a sense of if I am the right teacher for you.

Then, if I feel like you are a good fit for the studio, I will invite you for an initial fit session. This is a first singing lesson that takes around 90 min for us to go through more questions about your vocal health, as well as to sing for an entire hour. You can bring a song that you would like to work on or something you struggle with in this first lesson because we sing straight away.

After our initial fit session, I will then give you my recommendations for lessons going forward. The most important aspect of the initial fit it exactly that, to see if you are the right student for my studio and if I am the right teacher for you. Can we work together, and can I help you with your voice goals?

Then, once we have discussed the options available we book in for your next class, or you go on your merry way with a list of other teachers, I can recommend. It is that easy.

Weekly lesson package includes:

  • 45-min weekly or bi-weekly singing lessons. €3000 value.
  • My Online Singing Course. €200 value.
  • Lifetime access to the warm-up & exercise platform. €200 value
  • Check ins and out of lesson access to learn more.
  • 48 hr rescheduling.
  • Sheet music or lyrics printed or send as PDF in the correct key. €100 value
  • A guide melody tracks (if needed) to continue working at home. €100 value
  • A singing SOVT straw from Lax Vox. €8 value

Extras Totalling Over €500 In Value For The Course.

All for €250 per month weekly / €150 bi-weekly.

Lawrence Simmons singer & actor
“What I noticed first was that my voice had changed; there were sounds coming out of my mouth that I’d never dreamed were possible. I now feel confident when singing in public.”
Lawrence Simmons
Professional Singer

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. I teach all levels from absolute beginners through to professionals. I will create a step-by-step process to help you through your singing journey.

No worries! I have worked with singers who on day one can’t hit a single note that I ask them too, and after 12 months they are singing an entire song on stage, note for note perfect.

That is totally dependent on your ability and what you hope to achieve. In my experience, complete beginners need at least 12 months to gain a deep enough understanding of their voices. 

Then go for the 3-month option if you are not sure about joining in for that length of time. My programmes are not designed to trap you in for a year, it is because, in my experience, it takes about a year for you to really get anywhere with your singing at the start.

Every learner appears to go through the same 10 weeks is all “yay I am making so much progress”, 2nd 10 weeks, “oh this is really hard work, shit I have to work at this” 3rd 10 weeks “wow I have come so far!”

Not a problem. You just have to give me 48 hrs notice, and we can move your lesson. You can even do it yourself, through my online platform for lessons. Super easy.

We can still do a non-speaking lesson if you have a cold. If you happen to be out and about, I will send you some suggestions, or you can send me a video to look at in your lesson time.

You choose the songs. We can make any song suit your level of singing and ability. As long as you are ok with changing the key or singing it slower, I am happy to work with any song you choose.

No I don’t. I teach Pop, Light Rock, Musicals and Classical Voice. As these all use similar voice qualities. I do not teach Screaming, Metal, Rap, Country, Jazz, Blues or Schlager.

We use a mixture of both, I work with you on the song using the sheet music (if I can find it) and we work with the piano and or guitar for our lessons. Sometimes the karaoke just works better for some pop music.

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