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We all need a bit of help with our singing. I want to inspire, break down & inform you gorgeous singers!

Zoe Stibi Vocal Coach

Kia Ora Everyone!

I’m Zoe your vocal coach & I am here to help you figure out all things to do with your voice, & probably another couple of fun random bits.

Singing should always be about having fun whilst learning. I adore singing & my mission is to inspire everyone to open their mouths & express that beauty waiting to come out.

Having been a singer & voice teacher for the best part of 15 years I hope that I can shed some light on a couple of those singing myths for you.

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Singing Without Fear

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The Mindset Of Singing Is Often Overlooked, But Much Like A Sports Person Has A Performance Psychologist, We Singers Needs The Support Too. Performance Can Feel Lonely And Daunting, But With The Right Tools You Will Be Smashing Those Performances In No Time! Tarryne Webb discussed in her YouTube podcast episode with me about how…
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How to Start Singing 101

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Singing isn’t as quite as easy as the ABC but with the right tools you can sing whatever, wherever you like. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video if you don’t fancy a longish read. You can check it out over here. Or alternatively check out the embedded video at the bottom of the page. …
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Warm Up Wednesday

Each Wednesday I upload a new warm up for you at home. They are fun, interactive (as much as they can be on YouTube) & there is something new each week!

Warm Ups Without a Piano

Head over to the tube where I can help you warm up, sing higher, sing louder …. well just sing better.

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Have Fun!​