Never get stuck in traffic again.

Learn to sing, in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t waste time.

Online Singing lesson allow you to learn from anywhere in the world.
Save the travel time, hop online.

Lessons to suit your busy schedule

Book your classes to suit your schedule using the online calendar.
48 hr cancellation policy.

Never forget what we worked on.

After each class you receive a recording of the lesson so practice at home.

Don’t sit wondering “did I do that right?”

Just send over a recording for feedback between lessons.

Look inside an online lesson


Online Singing Students: Is it effective?

“Zoe has helped me achieve new goals, develop my voice, and most wonderful of all support me in every way possible!”
Lena Rost
Online Singing Student
“I’ve worked on and off with Zoe for about 5 years now and she’s always been so helpful and supportive!”
Elsa Rapon
Online Singing Student
“I have been studying with Zoe, online lessons for already nine months, and am happy to keep on doing so. My vocal abilities have improved massively and in numerous ways, thanks to her.”
Irit Livneh
Online Singing Student
“Never knew virtual lessons could work so well.”
Mother of Online Singing Student

Feedback from Rosalia.

Feedback from Juleen.

Connect with your voice, in the comfort of your own home.

Develop your vocal technique.

  • Flexible booking to suit your schedule.
  • A library of warm-ups and technical exercises.
  • No travel time or parking stress.
  • WhatsApp support between lessons.
  • Digital playbacks, sheet music and learning tracks sent in advance.

How do online lessons work?

Online singing lessons take place via Zoom. Once we have agreed on a lesson time and date, you will receive a booking confirmation from my scheduling system confirming your lesson.

If you can’t make it or you need to reschedule, you don’t even have to get in touch with me. You can simply reschedule the lesson via the confirmation email (yup it is that easy)

TIP: It is a good idea to use earphones for your online lesson. That way, you can hear me and your music much better.

You will need to prepare a glass of water in advance, tissues are always good to have nearby (your nose might get a little runny with all the singing) and have a note pad at the ready for anything you need to practice.

When the lesson is due to start, you simply click on the link, and you will be taken through to my Zoom waiting room, ready for us to sing!

We start each of the classes by doing a warm-up to suit your voice on the day and the style of music that you are working on. We then move onto singing your song, and work on the technical aspects that we need to improve on.

We end each singing lesson with a round up of what we have worked on, and I will then send you any technical exercises you need to practice, or sheet music for you to look at.

TIP: It is a good idea to have two devices at the ready. One for playing the karaoke tracks, and one for our lesson.

Online lesson options:

Audition Prep / Pro

Excellent for busy professionals and advanced singers preparing for performances or auditions.

No Contracts, just PAYG singing lessons.

Beginners to intermediate.

Build a solid foundation for your vocal technique. We set your goals and work at your pace to get your voice to where you want it to be.

Advanced to Pro.

Looking to work on a specific technique point, or you are looking for shorter term vocal goals? We work together for an intensive 3-month period to supercharge your singing.

“Zoe’s online singing session set up is clear and simple, it’s just like been in the room together! I have really noticed a development and change in my singing and my awareness to my voice.”
Jodie Hay
Professional Actress

Frequently Asked Questions

You do need to have a stable internet connection for online singing lessons. Better yet, an Ethernet cable to ensure the line won’t drop out.

You don’t need any fancy equipment, but at least a tablet or laptop is best for the screen size. A phone may make it hard to see me properly.

Of course! Online lessons are great for all levels of singing ability.

Not at all. I can always screen share with you, there is always a way. A second device is just a “nice to have” but it doesn’t need to get in the way of your online lessons.

It doesn’t have to be completely silent at your house for online classes, but you do need to make sure that you are able to concentrate, free from distractions. You want to make sure you have a space where you can make noise and no one will bother you about it.

Not a problem, as long as you give me 48 hrs notice, we can reschedule the class at no cost to you. If you get sick on the morning of our lesson though, we can always have a non-singing class. This is where we discuss music, or perhaps run through music theory, even pick out new songs together. There is always a way to use the time.

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