Learn to sing.

“Zoe has helped me to build confidence in my singing”

Lessons to suit your budget.

Flexible lesson options to suit your singing goals. Weekly, Bi-weekly or intensive training.

Never miss a lesson.

Singing lessons that fit around your schedule.

Know you’re doing it correctly.

Speed up your training with my online library of exercises and additional lessons to use at home.

Always feel supported.

Get stuck mid-week? Send me a message to get feedback on your singing progress.

Helping singers reach their voice goals.

“Zoe has been coaching my daughter Katelyn for about 8 years, and she has really grown tremendously in that time. Katelyn adores Zoe and says she ‘wouldn’t have any other singing teacher in the world’!”
Candice Gardner
Parent of Student
“The exercises are fun, and you can tell Zoe’s enthusiasm in every lesson. If you notice something about your own voice and want to know what can be improved on it, she has an answer ready.”
Pascal Schmidt
Singing Student
“I’ve been with Zoe for 2 years now, and I’m really excited 🙂 my voice has totally changed, and I was able to improve constantly.”
Pia Claar
Singing Student
I had singing lessons with Zoe for 3 years, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned so much, and grew through music and singing in some great ways.
Meredith Underhill
Singing Student
Take a look at what Juleen has to say about singing lessons.
Schau mal was Rosalia über unterricht zu sagen hat.

Check out current students singing performances.

Never worry if you are using supportive vocal techniques again.

  • Know exactly which warm ups suit your voice best.
  • Individualised Technical Exercises that you understand and can recreate at home.
  • Gain confidence in your voice, as you learn to control your instrument.
  • No needless exercises – we sing songs in every lesson.
  • Lean the techniques that you want to master – we don’t run through a prewritten course.

Sing the music you love, from Pop to musicals.

Learn to feel confident with your own singing voice.

“I Started Seeing A Wonderful Singing Coach Called Zoe Stibi. Through My Voice, She Helped Me To Bring Down Barriers.  I Really Love Her Classes.”
Aurora Burghart
October Faction

Practice what you learn – in front of a live audience.

Are you looking for vocal control & freedom?

Online or Live Outside of Munich.

You want to improve your singing voice, but you just don’t know what or how you should practice to get better? You find yourself getting frustrated with your voice, because you just want to learn how to do it all better, easier, freer?

In singing lessons, you will learn how to:

  • Sing with power and resonance.
  • Gain security in your voice.
  • Learn to control your breath.
  • Speak and sing with more presence (Spoken and singing).
  • Sing your favourite songs.
  • Never worry if you are “doing is properly”.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and in front of others.
  • Warm up without wasting time and energy.
  • Know exactly what and when to practice at home.
  • You don’t have to buy anything extra for these lessons.

Unsure which singing lesson option suits you best?

Not to worry we go over exactly this in our first dicovery call, and initial fit session. These are just some of the options available, but you do not need to know in advance.

Audition Prep / Pro

Excellent for busy professionals and advanced singers preparing for performances or auditions.

No Contracts, just PAYG singing lessons.

Beginners to Intermediate

The most popular option for singing classes.

Build a solid foundation for your vocal technique. We set your goals and work at your pace to get your voice to where you want it to be.

Advanced to Pro

Looking to work on a specific technique point, or you are looking for shorter term vocal goals?

We work together for an intensive 3-month period to supercharge your singing.

Does this sound like you?

Are singing lessons for me?

If you want to improve your voice and get results that are long-lasting, healthy and sustainable, so that you are able to sing well into your later years. Then singing lessons are where you should be.

Why should I start lessons?

You may have tried to learn to sing through YouTube and watching other tutorials, but they just all seem to say the same thing or, even worse, something completely different in each video!

You want to know what works for you, and your voice so that you can get the results that you need in order to feel more confident with your singing voice.  

Have you been told that you can’t sing or that you just aren’t “talented” enough for singing?

You really want to sing, but you are not sure if it is a good idea? Can you actually sing?

Then singing lessons are most definitely for you. I will help you to find security in your voice and teach you step by step how you can work and practice each week to improve. Through my guided warm-up and exercises that i provide for you weekly, you will make leaps and bounds after only one lesson.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a discovery call, so we can get that voice of yours moving asap.

Singing Is A Deeply Personal And Highly Subjective Instrument. You Will Hear Opinions Coming From All Sides, But How Do You Know If You Can Sing Objectively?

“Everyone has a beautiful voice, you just have to learn how to use it” – Jo Estill

This pretty much sums up the ethos of my whole studio. Everyone has a beautiful voice. But of course, the question that you want to have answered is how do I know if I can sing? Personally, I believe that everybody can sing, but I know that you are probably wondering is there is any point in pursuing singing. So let’s break it down for you into simple ways you can judge for yourselves.

Think About What You Would Like To Achieve.

You may think that vocal goals are just for the pros, but I am sure that in the back of your mind you have some buried away. “I wish I could hit that note”, “I would love to sing that song” or “I just want to have fun”

You have no idea how important and helpful it is for us teachers to have your goals at the forefront of our minds. That way maybe your teacher can say, “I am the best person for you” or perhaps “sorry, I don’t think I can help you”. Being clear from the get go can help your teacher map out the road big or small let them all out!

The latest on my YouTube channel?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. I teach all levels from absolute beginners through to professionals. I will create a step by step process to help you through your singing journey.

No worries! I have worked with singers who on day one can’t hit a single note that I ask them too, and after 12 months they are singing an entire song on stage, note for note perfect.

That is totally dependent on your ability and what you hope to achieve. In my experience, complete beginners need at least 12 months to gain a deep enough understanding of their voices.

Then go for the 3-month option if you are not sure about joining in for that length of time. My programmes are not designed to trap you in for a year, it is because, in my experience, it takes about a year for you to really get anywhere with your singing at the start.

Every learner appears to go through the same 10 weeks is all “yay I am making so much progress”, 2nd 10 weeks, “oh this is really hard work, shit I have to work at this” 3rd 10 weeks “wow I have come so far!”

Not a problem. You just have to give me 48 hrs notice, and we can move your lesson. You can even do it yourself, through my online platform for lessons. Super easy.

We can still do a non-speaking lesson if you have a cold. If you happen to be out and about, I will send you some suggestions, or you can send me a video to look at in your lesson time.

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