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With the correct tools, you will be able to hit any note at any time. 

No more wondering if you are “doing it right”, if you are willing to put in the work, I can guarantee that your voice will improve.

Singing Lesson Options.

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Live Peißenberg Studio Singing Lessons

Face to face singing & voice lessons at my home studio in Peißenberg. Live accompanied lessons on the piano & guitar. 

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Online Singing Lessons via Zoom.

Learn where you want, when you want with flexible online singing lesson packages available to suit even the busiest singers. 

Client Feedback.

My promise to you

This all sounds a little salesy, but that is exactly what I am not. I will not lie, sugar coat or try & sell you the latest thing I have invented to improve your voice. What I will do though is give you clear, concise instruction & support for you to grow & develop your voice at home & in the studio. 

My mission in life is to inspire those who have yet to find their voices to discover that absolutely everyone on this planet has a beautiful voice, & you just need to learn how to harness it & release your inner singer. 

Zoe Stibi

Masters in Musical Theatre & Bachelor of Music

Zoe Stibi is a performer & singing teacher having worked across the globe in New Zealand, Scotland, London & Germany.

What happens in a singing lesson?

Obviously this is all based on what your goals are for your voice, but as a general rule of thumb:

 Firstly: we will start with a warm-up for the voice. This gives me the chance to hear how the voice is sitting for our lesson & I am already thinking about what we might be working on. 

Secondly, Then we move into technical exercises. These may be what I had pre-planned, but they may have come up in our chat at the start of the lesson.

Finally, we move onto the repertoire (your song), because you will go away & sings songs right? When you can apply what we just learned to your song, the chances are higher that you will practice that little bit more.

Of course, you then get some homework & you can always record the class to take home & work on.

Phew! Well, if that doesn’t make you tired, in some lesson options you may choose to send me your recordings for mid-week evaluation. Yup, I do that kind of thing because I want what’s best for YOUR voice!

Singing tips & Info.

Learn more about how you can improve your singing At Home.

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Sing & See - Practice better

I have been using sing & see for the past 15 years & it has been an invaluable resource. Not only has it helped me track my own singing progress but it has helped numerous students achieve their goals faster, more accurately & without confusion. 

The perfect addition to any singing set up for singers who want to get serious about their voice growth.

Partnerships I am thankful for.

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