Live Singing Lessons – Peißenberg Bavaria

Easy Lesson Schedule.

We organise a weekly or bi-weekly lesson time to fit your schedule. Options available for shift workers too.

Never Miss a Lesson.

Can’t make a lesson? Going on holiday? Not a problem, we can move the class with 48hrs notice to another time or day.

Always have what you need.

You get all the training material from me, so you can practice at home.

Gain confidence in front of an audience.

Show your family and friends your new-found skills at our studio concerts.


Feedback From Happy Singers

“She is a beacon of light and the joy she has is contagious and children and adults alike just connect with her! She is kind, clear and encouraging. Zoe is simply Pitch perfect!!”
Rachel O
“Zoe hat mir wieder beigebracht in meine Stimme zu vertrauen und durch gezielte Übungen und üben von schwierigen Liedpassagen habe ich mich auch bereits verbessert, obwohl ich erst seit einem halben Jahr bei Zoe bin. Zoe, von ganzem Herzen: danke”
Katja Grzonka
Singing Student
“Ich kann Zoe nur jedem empfehlen. Zoe konnte mir bei einigen technisch schwierigen Stellen sehr gut helfen und wertvolle Tipps und Hilfestellungen geben, so dass ich den Song deutlich besser singen konnte.”
Markus D
Singing Student
“She sends weekly warmups for us to practice and after each lesson I always feel more motivated knowing there’s so much more for me to develop into and to discover with her.”
Singing Stundet

Our Accoustic Abend Konzert – May 2023

Do you want to sing with power?

Sing Louder?

Sick of your voice breaking?

You want to sing your favourite songs?

I can help you gain confidence with your singing voice.

Are you new to singing and have no idea where to begin? Or are you someone who has been at lessons for a while, but your teacher just doesn’t explain what you are doing? You don’t know if you are making progress or not?

Then I am the perfect teacher for you.

  • Never wonder what to practice – you get homework each week.
  • Don’t worry about what songs fit your voice – we choose them together.
  • Worried you might be hurting yourself? – Learn about anatomy and how to work at home.
  • Sing your favourite songs – we will fit it to you.
  • Never have a “boring lesson” – We sing songs from day 1.
  • Gain confidence in front of an audience – we have 2 concerts a year.

Our A Night At The Movies Concert – Dec 2022

Our Sing The Hits Concert – Dec 2023

Live singing lessons.

What happens before we start?

We begin with a discovery call. When you click on the link, you will be able to book in for a time for us to meet, and you can also write about your goals and what you hope to get out of your singing lessons. This is a call designed for us to break the ice, and for me to get a sense of if I am the right teacher for you.

Then, if I feel like you are a good fit for the studio, I will invite you for an initial fit session. This is a first singing lesson that takes around 90 min for us to go through more questions about your vocal health, as well as to sing for an entire hour. You can bring a song that you would like to work on or something you struggle with in this first lesson because we sing straight away.

After our initial fit session, I will then give you my recommendations for lessons going forward. The most important aspect of the initial fit it exactly that, to see if you are the right student for my studio and if I am the right teacher for you. Can we work together, and can I help you with your voice goals?

Then, once we have discussed the options available we book in for your next class, or you go on your merry way with a list of other teachers, I can recommend. It is that easy.

Weekly lesson package includes:

  • Regular lessons to keep you on top of your singing. €3000 value
  • Lifetime access to the warm-up & exercise platform. €200 value
  • Never worry if you are “doing it correctly” – I am there to support via whatsapp. €200 value
  • Never miss a lesson with 48 hr rescheduling.
  • You don’t have to buy anything extra – sheet music or lyrics printed or send as PDF in the correct key. €100 Value
  • Don’t have a piano at home? Not a problem: guide melody tracks (if needed) to continue working at home. €100 value
  • Finding singing painful or it scratches? I got you covered with a singing SOVT straw from Lax Vox. €8 value

Extras Totalling Over €500 In Value For The Course.

All for €250 per month weekly / €150 bi-weekly.

Lawrence Simmons singer & actor
“Zoe is a fantastic teacher – thanks to her I managed to finally sing with less pressure and strength and discover a whole new ease. Thank you Zoe 🙌🏻.”
Vanessa Spanier
Professional Singer

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. I teach all levels from absolute beginners through to professionals. I will create a step-by-step process to help you through your singing journey.

No worries! I have worked with singers who on day one can’t hit a single note that I ask them too, and after 12 months they are singing an entire song on stage, note for note perfect.

That is totally dependent on your ability and what you hope to achieve. In my experience, complete beginners need at least 12 months to gain a deep enough understanding of their voices. 

Then go for the 3-month option if you are not sure about joining in for that length of time. My programmes are not designed to trap you in for a year, it is because, in my experience, it takes about a year for you to really get anywhere with your singing at the start.

Every learner appears to go through the same 10 weeks is all “yay I am making so much progress”, 2nd 10 weeks, “oh this is really hard work, shit I have to work at this” 3rd 10 weeks “wow I have come so far!”

Not a problem. You just have to give me 48 hrs notice, and we can move your lesson. You can even do it yourself, through my online platform for lessons. Super easy.

We can still do a non-speaking lesson if you have a cold. If you happen to be out and about, I will send you some suggestions, or you can send me a video to look at in your lesson time.

You choose the songs. We can make any song suit your level of singing and ability. As long as you are ok with changing the key or singing it slower, I am happy to work with any song you choose.

No I don’t. I teach Pop, Light Rock, Musicals and Classical Voice. As these all use similar voice qualities. I do not teach Screaming, Metal, Rap, Country, Jazz, Blues or Schlager.

We use a mixture of both, I work with you on the song using the sheet music (if I can find it) and we work with the piano and or guitar for our lessons. Sometimes the karaoke just works better for some pop music.

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