Zoe Stibi


Kia Ora!

I’m Zoe, Your Vocal Coach.

I am 100% committed to delivering vocal technique in a way that you can actually use it. Without all of the fancy language (unless you want it) I will help you reach your voice goals. I did mean help though, all I ask is that you come to your lessons with an open mind ready to explore all of the fabulous sounds & talent that are hiding inside you just waiting to be let out. 

“Everyone Has A Beautiful Voice, You Just Have To Learn How To Use It” – Jo Estill

can hear you asking, well I clicked here so I want to learn more about you Zoe. Here we go: I come from New Zealand, however I am fluent in German so feel free to swap over to the German version of this page. 

I started singing lessons relatively late in the game, around 15 years old when I appeared in The Sound of Music & just couldn’t hit the high notes. I started absolutely loving to sing classical, musical theatre, lieder, art song & all sorts of different types of music. I focused on musicals though & went on to perform in Grease, Les Miserables, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oh! What a Circus & West end to Broadway.

With my Bachelor of Music History in the hand, I went on to gain my Master’s in Musical Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland. Honing my musical theatre performance skills.

After graduating, I moved to London to pursue my performing career & built a vocal studio full of amazing individuals, some of whom have stayed with me through online voice lessons once I moved to Germany.

Where talent counts, hard work counts twice.

Therefore, if you have the desire to change your voice. If you want to sing higher, louder, faster, with more power (the list goes on) I can help you. If you have the will, I have the tools to help you reach any height. 

As a Certified Estill Master Trainer, our work with be in ensuring we get rid of excess effort & strain from your voice to make things easier (doesn’t that sound nice!). 

“Zoe immediately recognises where the problem is, why certain parts of the song aren’t working well, and helps with good tips and exercises.”
Professional Actress.

Teaching Journey

Zoe began her teaching journey when her singing teacher Janice Webb QSM asked if she would like to take over an evening teaching at her studio “because you are so eager in your vocal technique”. 

It all began with 5 students on a Friday afternoon in North Auckland, New Zealand. In just a few months, Zoe started teaching at Birkenhead College in Auckland & developed the Musical Theatre programme for Neverland Studio’s whilst continuing her studies. 

Eager to learn more about different styles, Zoe began working with renowned NZ soprano Gina Saunders on Bel Canto technique. As well as having online singing lessons with Dave Stroud & Dean Kaelin focusing on Speech Level singing technique.

Zoe left New Zealand to begin her Masters in Scotland, where she taught classes at the Young Academy of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Soon after arriving in London, & whilst teaching at Cherry Pie Music in Wimbledon, London for over a year, Zoe found it difficult to find new ways to approach her student’s vocal progress. She wanted more tools & certainty to help her students voices, so she began her Estill Master Teacher training with Anne-Marie Speed, The Voice Explained.

Whilst in London, Zoe was a Musical Theatre Repertoire coach at  London Studio Center & singing teacher at Ursuline High School. Many of her students have been awarded Musical Theatre & Pop music positions at Universities & schools such as BRITS school & RADA

In 2017 Zoe suffered a vocal fold haemorrhage & polyp which turned her world inside out. After an operation & vocal therapy, her voice is now back better than ever, but with a greater appreciation for how the voice works & a greater respect for her students progress. 

In 2019 Zoe gained her Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training after finishing her studies with Dorte Hyldstrup & Charlotte Xeri, Voice Your Potential

After 3 years teaching Pop & Rock singing at Performing Arts Studio’s in Munich, Zoe currently teaches many students online, touring professionals & regularly at Downtown Music Insitut, Augsburg, Bavarian International School & her own home studio in Peißenberg. 

Zoe holds her Pedagogy Certification in Voice Teaching from the state of Bavaria as well as a Vocal First Air Certificate .


“So my advice to you: let go of all your fears if you can and join her to discover your own diamond.“
Chloé Noël

Feedback From Happy Singers

“Zoe really is a great teacher, you feel good from the beginning. You learn a lot, Zoe is responsive to everyone and the lessons are characterized by fun and laughter.”
Catharina Kober
Singing Student
“Zoe is such a sweetheart to work with… Her classes are always fun!”
Patricia Zenteno
Parent of Student
“She is very patient if you find the notes difficult to hit, she would practice with you piece by piece and step by step.”
Singing Student
“Ms. Stibi has a beautiful, soulful and great voice. She is indescribably talented. Very uncomplicated and friendly in communication. 100% recommended!”
Doris Usenbenz
Professional Opera Singer

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