“Zoes Gesang bei unserer Hochzeit war einfach bezaubernd.”

Caddi & Tom

Wedding Singer – Hochzeitssängerin München
“Her voice in the sweet little chapel we were in was just magical and filled the space with no need for equipment- just a beautiful voice on a summer day!”
Diana Bain
“Zoe sung at our wedding, she was fantastic! it created a really special moment for my wife and I.”
Matt Graham
“Ihre gefühlvolle Stimme und Begleitung auf der Gitarre haben die Atmosphäre in der kleinen Kapelle zu etwas ganz Besonderem gemacht.”
Tina S
“Alle Absprachen waren sehr verlässlich und unkompliziert. Ich kann Zoé also für eine Trauung, die etwas ganz Besonderes werden soll, absolut empfehlen !!”
Rafa Sieber
Agentur für Events präsentiert Zoe Stibi

How to book for your wedding.

Trouble picking songs?

We set up a free call to discuss your wedding options. I send you listening examples and help choose the songs for your wedding or event.

Want something special? We will find it.

Want something special?

I am able to learn any song that you choose, and play it live on either the piano or the guitar. No power? No problem – I able to run on battery.

Worried about the sound?

You have nothing to worry about, with over 15 years experience as a professional wedding singer, I turn up 60min before the event to set up to be ready well before your guests arrive.

Looking for something special?

  • Walk down the aisle, to your favourite song.
  • Get help to choose new, personal songs for your wedding.
  • Wow your guests with professional live music.
  • Create that magic, that you will remember forever.

No playbacks, Professional Live instruments.

Professional Singer & Performer.

Be sure the music on your special day is the best it could be. Feel secure you have made the right choice.

Zoe Stibi playing guitar at a wedding
“Zoe sung at our wedding, she was fantastic! it created a really special moment for my wife and I.”
Matt Graham

Examples of my work.

Benefits of booking with a professional singer.

You want your wedding to be a memorable day, that starts with the ceremony that you could only dream of.

By booking a professional singer, you have the added benefits:

  • Take the stress out of worrying if the music will be good.
  • Know that I have practiced your songs for hours before the day.
  • The music will be of the highest standard.
  • All of the music will be played live.
  • You won’t get a cookie cutter wedding, this will be all discussed together in advance.
  • We will meet over Zoom, personally, to discuss your song preferences, before I send you over a personalised list of recommendations.
  • Get music that no one else is having.
  • Get personal covers of your favourite songs.
What happens before we book you?

Planning your Wedding Day.

It starts with a planning call. For this, you can (using the link below) fill out your music preferences so that we can discuss options on the day. If you already have music chosen, then great! If you would like some recommendations, then make sure you ask me before our call.

What happens once we have chosen the songs?

Then I will send you a contract for you to look over, we need to have the final song ideas for the final quote. That way, we can get the contract signed, you pay the deposit and we are all set.

On your wedding day, I arrive 60min in advance to set up. That way I can do my sound check and go through all of my checks before your guests arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t, however it is good to have an idea of what type of music you enjoy listening to. What sort of music do you think you might like to walk down the aisle to.

No. I bring along either my guitar or my piano to your event. But you will have a chance to hear me play both of them in the listening examples so you can make the descision ahead of time.

If I play on the guitar, I do not need to have access to power on the day.

If I play the piano, then I do need to have access to power.

No I am able to set up and pack down by myself. I just need someone to be there to tell me where to stand and set up. This is something that we will talk about in our chat, and is all part of my check list that I send to you, to ensure the day runs smoothly.

My recommendation is 4 – 5 songs maximum. That way we don’t overwhelm the guests.

This depends on the drive to and from your venue. However I have a set price for up to 5 songs for the event. That way you have the flexibilty to decide what you would like to have played.

Yes not a problem! I can play at any location. Due to the live instruments and the equiptment I have, I am unable to play in the rain (even if it is just spitting).

If you need to change a song, then you will need to get in touch with me. Depending on how much I have practiced before the event, and what the new songs is, this will determine if I am able to change. Of course, there may be a discussion about an additonal fee for the change, so be sure to ask.

As a professional singer, I have many ways that I can sing when I am not feeling well. I have in 15 years, never cancelled on a wedding. As I have a vast circle of other professionals, in the event that I wasn’t able to come anymore, a suitable replacement would be found.

I love that idea. The hour after the wedding, when everyone is having a drink, and chatting is a lovely moment for the music to continue. I offer a great package deal for both the ceremony and the empfang afterwards.

Partnerships I Am Thankful For