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Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always dreamed of singing well but feel self-conscious because of past comments.
  • You want to improve your chest voice and sing without pushing.
  • Belting out a song with confidence seems like a distant dream.
  • You’re worried about doing it right and not damaging your voice.
  • You’re tired of inconsistent advice from random online sources.
  • You want direction in your singing, you just want to do it correctly.

“I Started Seeing A Wonderful Singing Coach Called Zoe Stibi. Through My Voice, She Helped Me To Bring Down Barriers. I Really Love Her Classes.”

– Aurora Burghart
Viv Allen from October Faction


Everyone can learn how to sing.

It’s about singing with the right tools and training plan

But it’s not about singing for hours and hours; it’s about singing with the right tools and training plan. 

Imagine that your singing is like working out. 

You could struggle, sifting through endless YouTube videos by yourself but not knowing if you are doing the right things. 

OR you could seek guidence from the Vocal Academy and with the right tools you can be singing higher, louder and with more presence in no time.

It took me years of training to master the techniques that really work. It’s not your fault if you’ve struggled. 

With the right guidance, you can transform your voice and boost your confidence.

Feedback From Happy Singers

“Thank you so much for being such a great teacher, your support and your help & I am already looking forward to our next lesson! It feels as if I’am beginning to really sing.”
Christine Bakonyi-Moritz
“I have been taking online singing classes with Zoe for the last 7 months and have really noticed a development and change in my singing and my awareness to my voice, thanks to Zoe’s help and guidance.”
Jodie Hay
Fitness Trainer
“Within a month, my voice improved considerably. What I noticed first was that my voice had changed; there were sounds coming out of my mouth that I’d never dreamed were possible. I now feel confident when singing in public.”
Lawrence Simmons
Finance Manager
“Zoe has taught me to trust my voice again and through targeted exercises and practicing difficult song passages I have already improved, even though I have only been with Zoe for six months. Zoe, from the bottom of my heart: thank you. x.”
Katja Grzonka

What’s In The Vocal Academy?

  • Live Training Sessions: 2 x Monthly Zoom calls for real-time coaching on specific vocal techniques.
  • Training Exercise Library: with vocal warm ups and exercises for all vocal styles available. Never wonder which exercises you should be doing. It is all planned out for you. 
  • Tailored Training Plans: training plans to help you reach specific vocal goals. Like improve your range or strengthen your chest voice.
  • Community Access: Connect with other members for support and motivation inside the vocal academy platform.
  • Community Performances: Show your skills with our academy performances in a closed group, where feedback is positive and encouraging. 
  • Library of Past Training Sessions: All the recordings from previous technical trainings are available for you on demand. 1-1 Private Coaching Add Ons: Zoe is exclusively coaching academy students. Sign up for additional 1-1 sessions or Group Classes.
  • 1-1 Private Coaching Add Ons: Zoe is exclusively coaching academy students. Sign up for additional 1-1 sessions or Group Classes.

Here’s what’s waiting for you when you join THE ACADEMY

  • Sing with a more resonant voice
  • Gain power and control in your singing.
  • Join a community of people who are working towards improving their singing.
  • Learn where your chest voice range starts and how to take it higher.
  • No longer worry if you are “doing it right”, with The Vocal Academy training you will be training like a pro.
  • Never search for another YouTube video, with easy follow along lessons you will have everything you need for your vocal progress.
  • Learn to balance your breath flow in your singing.
  • Engage your support muscles with my easy to use prompts and tools.
  • Feel confident you are singing in tune, with my sure fire method.

Zoe’s Singing Students Rocking The Stage!

Who is Zoe Stibi?

I’m Zoe Stibi a professional vocal coach with over 15 years of experience helping singers like you achieve their dreams. I’ve experienced the same self-doubt and confusion you might be feeling now, which is why I created The Vocal Academy – to provide a clear, effective path to vocal success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Vocal Academy is for Beginner to Advanced Intermediate singers who are looking to improve their vocal technique. With the academy broken down into individual courses based on your vocal goals. From finding your chest voice, to expanding your range and learning to belt.

Of course, you can join in with this course. It is designed for beginners to advanced intermediate singers. The courses are clearnly labled with the vocal goals.

There is no minimum or maximum length that you “need” to sign up for. You can join for one month or as long as you like. Cancel at anytime.

The Vocal Academy is an online database of singing lessons as well as live masterclasses which are delivered twice a month via zoom. This is not 1-1 training, but there is an option for 1-1 training available in the academy itself as an add on to The Vocal Academy. Applications can be made for 1-1 coaching inside The Vocal Academy.

You can cancel at any time, once you do so at the end of the billing month you will lose access to the academy and it’s resourses. You can re-join at any time.

I doubt you won’t get something out of The Vocal Academy, but once you have signed up you will need to cancel the subscription yourself. If you purchase a year long suscription, and you do not like it after 30 days you will be refunded in full. For monthly purchase, you will not recieve a refund if you do not use The Vocal Academy.

All masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to the classroom for you to watch on demand at any time.

1-1 lessons and group options will be made available through The Vocal Academy itself. You can book in for 30min booster sessions (for an additional payment) if you would like feedback on your singing. There is also a full vocal analysis available for you to sign up for, all information is available in The Vocal Academy platform.

The Vocal Academy will provide select resources for you to download and fill in at home, including select vocal exercises. However the majority of the resources are designed to be used in conjuction with the online platform.

No, The Vocal Academy is available as an android and apple application through the skool platform. Giving you the opportunity to view on your phone, tablet or computer.

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