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How Peißenberg Singing Lessons Work

Student Concerts, Jam Sessions & Workshops

I want to make sure that you have room to grow and improve. So I organise regular opportunities for you to learn outside of the lesson setting. Check out Lena here singing at one of our Christmas Concerts.

Singing Lesson Options

Every lesson package is tailored to your needs, goals & history. That way you get exactly what you are looking for & not some cookie cutter version of singing lessons. With flexible learning options available, you won’t have to pay for a class that you did not have. With my 48 cancellation policy, you can take breaks for work, holidays or illness and we can make up the lesson another time.

Single Lessons.

This option is available for those who are unable to commit to weekly classes. Excellent for busy individuals, or professionals looking to brush up for an audition.

Not suited for beginner singers, this is a flexible option, but with very limited availability. 

Exercises are sent after class. 

3 month subscription.

This is a 12-week programme where you get 10 lessons to book in. We work towards a specific goal, or project.

Ideal for improver singers who would like to work on a specific part of their technique and prefer the flexibility of block booking. 

Access to the warm-up and exercise platform available for the 3 months incl.

12 Month Subscription.

This fully supported lesson option allows us to work on long-lasting vocal technique.

Access is available to the warm-up and exercise student platform, as well as The Fundamentals of Singing course.

Excellent for beginner and improver singers who want to work on their voices for long-lasting technique all round. 

smiling woman of colour Aurora Burghart

Aurora Burghart - October Faction

I Started Seeing A Wonderful Singing Coach Called Zoe Stibi. Through My Voice, She Helped Me To Bring Down Barriers.  I Really Love Her Classes

Client Feedback

Studio Singing Lessons in Peißenberg

Since the beginning of 2020 I have moved my Munich based studio completely online or clients have been welcomed to my home studio in Peißenberg.  Check out my info on online classes if you have come to me via my Munich connections. Although our concerts will be held once a year in Central Munich, I currently have no plans to re-open my Munich singing lessons. 

I promise you, online lessons are just like live lessons, but you don’t have to put on pants.