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Peißenberg Singing Lessons

Regular Time

Brand New Space

Training Material

Concerts & Jam Sessions

How Peißenberg Singing Lessons Work

Discovery call.
Firstly, you can book in for a complimentary call about singing lessons. Ask me anything you want.
Initial Fit.
Our first lesson will be a 60-90min initial fit session. We will discuss your vocal history & future goals before launching into a full lesson.
Choose your package!
I will put together several options for ways in which we can best achieve your goals together. This ranges from ad-hoc weekly classes to fully supported coaching.
Weekly warm-ups are standard for all students. Concerts & in-studio recording track your progress.
singing student performing with guitar

Student Concerts, Jam Sessions & Workshops

Zoe Stibi Vocal Studio provides ample opportunity to perform live to showcase your skills.

Singing Lesson Options

Every lesson package is tailored to your needs, goals & history. That way you get exactly what you are looking for & not some cookie cutter version of singing lessons. 

Just a lesson please

This option is available on a 10er Card or ad-hoc basis. It includes weekly or bi-weekly lessons with development goals of course built in. 

Support me I need help

This option is a monthly subscription with weekly warm-up exercises & tracks sent. This includes video check-ins & tech monitoring via the Marco Polo app. 

I want to know it all

This fully supported option includes the I need help option + additional song choice help, melodies, playbacks & all learning material is provided in this option. All you have to do is practice. You can even send me daily videos! 

smiling woman of colour Aurora Burghart

Aurora Burghart - October Faction

I Started Seeing A Wonderful Singing Coach Called Zoe Stibi. Through My Voice, She Helped Me To Bring Down Barriers.  I Really Love Her Classes

Client Feedback

Studio Singing Lessons in Peißenberg

With the current situation ruling our lives I have moved my Munich based studio completely online or clients have been welcomed to my home studio in Peißenberg. This is to ensure the health & safety of not only myself but those singers who I work with. Check out my info on online classes if you are curious. I promise you, they are just like live sessions but you don’t have to put on pants. 

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