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Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

We have kind of been thrown into this whole online thing haven’t we. We haven’t been allowed to sing properly in public for months, & we still can’t sing without standing behind a plexi-glass wall. We have been more or less forced to start singing online. But it has been a real eye opener for a lot of people. I am personally a huge advocate for the benefits online singing lessons, having started learning with Dave Stroud back in 2010!!! (yes that was when NZ Still didn’t have unlimited internet capacity) Here are a couple of reasons why I am still advocating for online learning, because it just works.

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Vocal Fold Injury with Polyp & Hemorrhage

Vocal Fold Injury

Losing your voice is possibly the worst thing that could happen to any singer / voice professional, but it happened to me. I have taught voice / singing for over 10 years in 4 countries and have a number of degrees and diplomas to my name. I would say I know enough about voice use and how to take care of my own. But I, like a lot of my singing students, ignored all the signs that something wasn’t quite right.

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