Here’s whats waiting for you inside our 5 day challenge

Day 1: Finding your unique chest voice.

Everyone has a unique chest voice. We will find YOUR true voice and work from there.

Day 2: The number one exercise to activate your chest voice (properly).

With a simple and effective exercise you will know if you are in chest voice… or not.

Day 3: Staying in your chest voice

Here we make sure you are maintaing the sound whilst singing a scale.

Day 4: Getting rid of tension.

 One of the biggest reasons why people can’t sing higher is tension. Here we will learn 3 simple exercises that they can do at home to reduce tension and hit more powerful notes.

Day 5: Let’s Sing!

Here, you will learn how to sing a song using your chest voice by using everything we’ve seen throughout our challenge while I guide you through a song.

Wait?! What is the chest voice?

The chest voice is the base of allllll of your singing technique. When we get the vocal folds together and producing sound without pushing we can build your vocal technique for you to be able to hit high belty notes you only ever dreamed of!

Are you ready to find your true voice?

But hurry because our challenge starts on June 8th, exactly in…


“I Started Seeing A Wonderful Singing Coach Called Zoe Stibi. Through My Voice, She Helped Me To Bring Down Barriers. I Really Love Her Classes.”

– Aurora Burghart
Viv Allen from October Faction

Kia Ora! I’m Zoe,
I’ll be your Vocal Coach

I’m Zoe Stibi a professional vocal coach with over 15 years of experience helping singers like you achieve their dreams.

I was a classically trained singer, and only really found my true voice and the power and ease that came from finding my chest voice when I was already in my 20’s! Long after I started working professionally. 

I was constantly trying to make my head voice louder by adding twang, which made me sound shrill and it hurt a little to sing for long periods of time.

I have come up with a super simple method to help you find your chest voice in just 5 days!

Everyone can learn how to sing.
You just have to be shown how.