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We all need a bit of help with our singing. I want to inspire, break down & inform you gorgeous singers!

Zoe Stibi Vocal Coach

Kia Ora Everyone! 

I’m Zoe your vocal coach & I am here to help you figure out all things to do with your voice, & probably another couple of fun random bits. 

Singing should always be about having fun whilst learning. I adore singing & my mission is to inspire everyone to open their mouths & express that beauty waiting to come out.

Having been a singer & voice teacher for the best part of 15 years I hope that I can shed some light on a couple of those singing myths for you. 

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Singing Without Fear

The Mindset Of Singing Is Often Overlooked, But Much Like A Sports Person Has A Performance Psychologist, We Singers Needs The Support Too. Performance Can

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Gain stage confidence.

Improve Your Technique

Each Wednesday I upload a new warm up for you at home. They are fun, interactive (as much as they can be on YouTube) & there is something new each week!

Warms ups without a piano

Head over to the tube where I can help you warm up, sing higher, sing louder …. well just sing better. 

Warm up Wednesday picture

Have fun!

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