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How Online Singing Lessons Work


Book in your lesson when it suits you. 10er cards & monthly memberships available.


Download Zoom & put on your headphones. Have your sheet music printed & get ready to sing!


I play the warm-ups & accompaniment on my side & you sing. It works just live in person lessons. 


You can download your lesson recording to practice to. Warm-Up exercises & practice tracks provided.
student having an online singing lessons

Get the most out of your Online Lesson.

Online singing lessons give you the tools to practice singing independently of your teacher.  

  • Connect with the muscle feeling of singing.
  • Video record your lesson for practice.
  • Get weekly warm-ups & between lesson support.
  • Know immediately if your singing correctly or not.

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Connect with your voice in the comfort of your own home.

Firstly, online singing lessons give you back your free time. Don’t waste your most precious resource catching the bus, train, driving, parking & all that stress. Instead arrive ready for your lesson with the click of a button. Warm, prepared & ready to sing. You can use these great warm ups.

Lastly (but not least!) There are simply LOADS of benefits of online learning as a result, my students have found that they connect with their bodies in a way that they weren’t aware of before. Many of which have opted to remain online even after in person teaching has resumed. 

Check out how the vocal folds work with #DrDan! 

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Lawrence Simmons singer & actor

Lawrence Simmons

“From the first lesson with Zoe, she focused on the styles of music that I want to sing. Within a month, my voice improved considerably.“

Feedback from online clients.

The lessons are enjoyable, easy to schedule, and really teach you a lot! I would highly recommend 🙂
Meredith Underhill
Meredith Underhill
Wouldn’t have any other singing teacher for the world‘. I love the fact that Zoe puts so much emphasis on vocal health too.
Candice Gardner
Zoe really is a great teacher, you feel good from the beginning.
Catharina Kober
Catharina Kober

Online Concerts & Events.

Do you think that just cause you learn online that there is no chance for performance? If that is what you are working on, then of course we get together to perform for one another in a supported group.

Online Singing Performances are a great way to showcase your abilities, hear great new music & of course sing with others. We all know the importance of that! But if you need a refresher, here is a very dry article about it. 

With online concerts, workshops & events you are supported from all corners of the world.

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