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Singing Without Fear

The Mindset Of Singing Is Often Overlooked, But Much Like A Sports Person Has A Performance Psychologist, We Singers Needs The Support Too. Performance Can Feel Lonely And Daunting, But With The Right Tools You Will Be Smashing Those Performances In No Time! Tarryne Webb discussed in her YouTube podcast episode with me about how she recommends we start to work on performance mindset and how we as singers can improve our mental game to sing better.  She also goes through a great exercise, so check it out below!  Watch the whole video here, or continue reading for a

How do I know if I can sing?

Singing is a deeply personal and highly subjective instrument. You will hear opinions coming from all sides, but how do you know if you can sing objectively? „Everyone has a beautiful voice, you just have to learn how to use it“ – Jo Estill This pretty much sums up the ethos of my whole studio. Everyone has a beautiful voice. But of course, the question that you want to have answered is how do I know if I can sing? Personally, I believe that everybody can sing, but I know that you are probably wondering is there is any

How do I know I am making progress with my singing

Getting better at singing can be slow and steady. Which will mean you don't necessarily hear the difference straight away.. BUT... here are 5 ways to note progress with your singing voice. 

How to prepare for your first singing lesson

Congratulations! On deciding to start such a wonderful journey. Not trying to bullshit you here at all, it is very cool that you are starting something new or perhaps restarting something you did.