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66 Days To Singing Success

66 days to Singing success

66 days is currently being run as a 3 month singing programme via Zoom or live classes. Please get in touch for more details. This site is being updated constantly with new information. 

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How the 66 singing days work?

Sign up.
You can sign up for the 66 days to singing success & quit at any time! I hope you won't, but I want you to feel happy with your decision.
Start Singing.
From week 1 you will have all the tools to start singing. With guided weekly technique videos you can practice at any time!
If you have questions or need help with your singing feedback is available through the FB group where I answer your questions.
Video Feedback.
I will ask you to record yourself each week & send it over to me. I want to make sure you are on the right track. You are not alone on this course.
Singing Lessons, the perfect Christmas gift for singers

Can I learn to sing in 66 days?

I won’t lie, no. However in 66 days you can certainly master the basics & will be able to control your voice. You can create a butt kicking new habit, learn a bunch of new things & learn to sing way better.

Jodie Hay

The Musketeers, BBC

“Something I struggle with in singing is projection & openness…almost constricting. Not only is Zoe an absolutely brilliant singing teacher, but she understands what you need as a student.“

Connect with your voice in the comfort of your own home.

2020 was a turbulent year for all of us. We are not sure when all of this madness will end, but with my online course you can kick start your 2021 New Years resolution to find your voice. 

You can use these great warm ups.

Will you be able to sing like Beyoncé after 66 days? Well… no. I am not here to lie to you, Beyoncé has been at it a little longer than 10 weeks. BUT you will be well on your way to creating a new habit for your hobby. The only thing standing between you & the voice you want is hard work. In 10 weeks you will feel confident to continue classes, or perhaps start 1:1 training – you never know unless you try. 

Feedback from Happy Singers

Why does it take 66 days to form a new habit?

There is plenty of research out there that suggests how long it takes to create a new habit, but the average is 66 days. 66 days of doing the same thing, (varied of course, no one wants to sing the same song for 2 months) will help it to become an automatic part of your life. 

One of the most difficult parts of learning something new is the “I didn’t have the time” trap that we all fall into. It isn’t about not having the time. It is about not making the time. If you get into the routine of, say every evening at 7pm you practice for 15min, you would have sung for an entire 1hr & 45min by the end of your 7 day week. I am sure 1hr & 30min longer than you otherwise would have.

My 66 days to singing success programme will help you stay on track, if you don’t feel motivated you can throw on the guided practice to sing along with me. Before you have time to stop & think about all the reasons not to do it you will already be finished. 

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Your discovery call is completely FREE. It is just a fancy way of saying let’s talk over the phone, WhatsApp or Zoom (If based outside the EU.)

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