Power Up Your Vocal Technique.

How does the 66 Days singing programme work?

Can I Learn To Sing In 66 Days?

I won’t lie, no. However, in 66 days you can certainly master the basics & will be able to control your voice. You can create a butt-kicking new habit, learn a bunch of new things & learn to sing way better. The main part of the programme is the support that I can offer you to hit those goals.

  • Connect with your real singing voice
  • Weekly warm-ups and schedule
  • Video Support
  • 48 hr rescheduling
  • Weekly 1:1 singing lessons

What is in the programme?

The 66 days to singing success programme is a 3-month intensive training system to catapult your singing technique to a new level. Available for online singing lessons and in-person training.

How do we do that?

Every single student begins with an initial fit session. This is a 60-90 min session where we go through ALL of your goals, vocal history, injury history and everything that may have an effect on your voice. Then we launch into a full 60 min singing lesson. 

This initial fit is 100% separate from all other lesson options. We need to make sure that I am the right teacher for you and that you like how I work.

If we decide that the programme is a good fit for you, we plan your 10, 1-1 singing lessons over the next 3 months. That is approximately 12 weeks of work, so you have 2 weeks buffer in case you are away or get sick.

In between your singing lessons you can send me daily updates, questions as they come up and request more information. I am here for you and your singing journey. 

There is plenty of research out there that suggests how long it takes to create a new habit, but the average is 66 days. 66 days of doing the same thing, (varied of course, no one wants to sing the same song for 2 months) will help it to become an automatic part of your life. 

One of the most difficult parts of learning something new is the “I didn’t have the time” trap that we all fall into. It isn’t about not having the time. It is about not making the time. If you get into the routine of, say every evening at 7pm you practice for 15min, you would have sung for an entire 1hr & 45min by the end of your 7 day week. I am sure 1hr & 30min longer than you otherwise would have.

My 66 days to singing success programme will help you stay on track, if you don’t feel motivated you can throw on the guided practice to sing along with me. Before you have time to stop & think about all the reasons not to do it you will already be finished. 

The Programme Includes:

  • 10 x 45-min singing lessons. €750 value
  • The Fundamentals of Singing Course. €100 value.
  • Lifetime access to the warm-up & exercise platform. €50 value
  • Check ins and out of lesson access to learn more. €500 Value
  • 48 hr rescheduling.
  • Sheet music or lyrics printed or send as PDF in the correct key. €6 per song
  • A guide melody tracks (if needed) to continue working at home. €25 per song
  • A singing SOVT straw from Lax Vox. €8 value

That Is Over €1500 In Value For The 3-Month Programme

All For One Off Payment Of €1000
Or 3 Instalments Of €340

Lawrence Simmons singer & actor
“What I noticed first was that my voice had changed; there were sounds coming out of my mouth that I’d never dreamed were possible. I now feel confident when singing in public.”
Lawrence Simmons

Feedback From Happy Singers

“Zoe has a great way to explain everything and gives great, easy pointers that make sense and therefore stick in your head. Thanks so much!”
Svenja Grundl
“(My Daughter) was happy and learned to control her voice better, but it gave her more security when speaking and somehow boost her self esteem. 😊 And it was so much fun!!”
Patricia Zenteno
“Zoe is really able to understand what you want to communicate when you sing and helps you through all the difficulties that you could face.”
Valentina Sarti
I had singing lessons with Zoe for 3 years, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned so much, and grew through music and singing in some great ways.
Meredith Underhill

Frequently Asked Questions

The programme will be designed specifically to you and your goals. If you want to learn more about vocal technique, then we cover more about technique. If you prefer to work on performance, then we work on performance. If you would like to work towards recording your work and posting it on YouTube then we do that. 

This programme is designed for individuals who are driven to achieve their vocal goals and work hard for three months.

Of course, you can join in with this course. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of singing before joining in the 66 days. 

At the end of your 66 days programme, I will provide you with options to either continue as we have been working or for us to change options. I book lessons in blocks or in year long contracts to ensure you reach your vocal goals. 

You may even decide at the end of the 66 days that you are ready to work on your own for a while. Everything is possible. 

All 10 of the classes much be taken in the time span of 3 months. Should I be away for a portion of that period those weeks will roll over, however if you are unavailable the lessons will need to be delivered in the 3-month period. 

We do have 2 weeks buffer, though, so don’t worry too much. Most colds, including Covid-19 have seemed to be over within 2 weeks. 

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