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Online Lessons

Save Time

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At Your Pace

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How Online Lessons Work

Book in your lesson when it suits you. 10er cards & monthly memberships available.
Download Zoom & put on your headphones. Have your sheet music printed & get ready to sing!
I play the warm-ups & accompaniment on my side & you sing. It works just live in person lessons. 
You can download your lesson recording to practice to. Warm-Up exercises & practice tracks provided.

Get the most out of your training

Don’t try to rush around, take the time for your singing in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Connect with the muscle feeling of singing.
  • Video record your lesson for practice.
  • Get weekly warm-ups & between lesson support.

Client Feedback.

"Online lessons work really well."
Christina Schmid
"I never thought they would work this well. Online lessons give me the chance to learn in the comfort of my own home."
Emily Sax
"The sound works so well, it might even be better than when we sing in person."
"This works really great."
Elias Sandler

45 min

Monthly Subcription
45 Per Lesson
  • Reserved Weekly Time
  • Warm-up
  • Work on a specific aspect of a song
  • Focus On Specific Target Goal
  • No Follow up
  • Weekly Warm-Up Whatsapp

60 min

Monthly Subscription
60 Per Lesson
  • Reserved Weekly Time
  • Warm-Up
  • Technique Application
  • Work on an aspect of a song
  • Minimal Follow-Up
  • Weekly Warm-Up Whatsapp

60 min

70 Per Lesson
  • One Off Session
  • Warm-Up
  • Technique Application
  • Work on an aspect of a song
  • Minimal Follow-Up
  • Weekly Warm-Up Whatsapp

10er Card

550 10 x 60min Lessons
  • 10 week plan
  • Technique building
  • Repertoire Guidence
  • Longer Term Goal or Audition work
  • Series of Lessons
  • Flexible Booking
  • Follow Up Guidence
  • Work on Entire Songs
  • Weekly Warm-Up Whatsapp

Learn at your own pace.

Lessons are tailored to your needs. Be it short term or for a longer term goal get in touch to discuss your vocal training today. 


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